About Us

HazyBoy Apparel is a hop-influenced streetwear brand based out of Austin, Texas. Our mission is to infuse comfortable clothing with support to the craft beer scene and community.

Our passion for the company sparked from sharing beers between Texas and Washington back in 2017. The love for hazy IPA beers grew from just a hobby to part of our everyday lifestyle. After hosting countless beer shares, we noticed the wide variety of beer-focused apparel and were inspired to incorporate our unique designs into a universal apparel brand. Part of our mission in building this brand is to donate a portion of proceeds to the Craft Beer Association. We pride ourselves in being able to support & promote the craft beer scene and industry.

HazyBoy Apparel is all about community. Our designs and palette vary as much as there are different styles of beer. The motto that we live by is “Every Last Drop,” a symbol which represents giving 100% in all aspects of life. #HazyBoyApparel